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Out of Stock Items

JustCakeToppers.com takes pride in being the leading cake topper supplier online. Our inventory is checked daily and great efforts are made to quickly post “out of stock” signs or messages on products unavailable for shipping within 4 weeks. From time to time, an item may become unavailable due to popularity, sales or manufacturer’s inventory. Even though our basic policy on shipping is to have your purchase to you as specified in your email confirmation, customers will be notified via email when a product is scheduled to ship longer than 4 weeks from date of purchase or in a case where we will not be able to make your scheduled date of event. If an item is out of stock your order will be immediately canceled and an email cancellation notice will be sent. Event dates are based on any product personalization or dates mentioned in the comments section of the order form. JustCakeToppers.com cannot be held liable for late deliveries in cases where dates have not been mentioned in the original order form.

When you have found a product you wish to purchase, just click the “Buy Now ” button next to the price and/or description of the product. This takes you to a secure page where you can view all of the products that you have selected to purchase. Once you are at the shopping cart page, you can change the quantity of a product you wish to purchase or remove the product. You will also have the option to continue shopping or proceed to the checkout page. Viewing your shopping cart does NOT submit your order or commit you to any purchase. When you are ready to check out, press the “Shopping Cart / Checkout” button from the menu at the top left of any page in our site.

UPS charges us $6.00 for incorrect any shipping address, make sure you enter your shipping information correctly or the UPS charges will be billed to you before your order can finish it’s delivery.

All orders are charged in U.S. dollars. Payment for orders placed from outside the U.S. will be converted to USD.

Sales Tax

Appropriate sales tax is calculated during the order check out process and is based on existing local, state and federal laws. Any taxes imposed will be specified in your cart prior to submitting your order. Wiis LLC is based out of Wyoming and by Wyoming Sales Tax Laws Wiis llc. is required to charge 6% sales tax on every order placed by a customer whose mailing or billing address is located in Wyoming.

Credit Card

When ordering with a Credit Card please fill out the requested information on the checkout page, including your credit card information. Then click “Proceed with Checkout” at the bottom of the checkout page. This will take you to the order confirmation page which provides you with your order information and asks you to edit or submit your order information. Once you submit your order, your credit card information will be verified automatically and you will receive a message that your order and payment was received and approved


Clicking “Proceed with Checkout” at the bottom of the checkout page does not submit your order information and does not commit you to any purchase. Only when you click “Submit Order” on the order confirmation page will your order by submitted. If you are ordering by mail or fax, you do not have to submit your order from the order confirmation page.

Confirmation E-Mail

After you submit your order, you should receive an email confirmation of your order within 2 business days or less. If you do not receive an email confirmation within this time, then it is likely that the provided email address was incorrect or we simply did not receive your order. It is also possible that email filtering software may have blocked the confirmation email from being received. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order, please feel free to contact us to check on the status of your order.


Your receipt or order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. JustCakeToppers.com reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason at any time. JustCakeToppers.com reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item or items. In the event that this happens you will only be charged for the shipped items.

Additional Information

We may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. If additional information is necessary, we will contact you via email at the email address provided on your order. Shipping and delivery time frames quoted on the site will not begin until appropriate approval and verification of your order has been obtained.

Availability Policy

On occasion, your order may be out of stock. In this event, JustCakeTopppers.com will notify you via email with the status of your order. If the expected delivery date of the item is within 30 days, JustCakeToppers.com will place your order on back order and notify you when it ships. You may wish to cancel your order while on back order status, please see our Cancellation Policy by clicking on the link below. If the expected delivery date of the item is greater than 30 days, JustCakeToppers.com will notify you that the order has been cancelled due to an out of stock status. All notifications will take place via email.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to track your order please see our tracking page for more information.