Cancellations is proud of our fast, customer oriented service. Most orders are processed within minutes after receiving your information. You may change/alter or modify your order at any point during the online ordering process, but once an order has been placed and has gone to ship status we cannot cancel, add to or subtract from an existing order. This is due to the large volume of orders taken and processed on a daily basis. We strive to deliver fast processing time, making it both physically and logistically impossible to flag one particular order and alter it in anyway. If a credit card was used to place the order, we will refund the entire amount minus a $5.00 service fee which covers the cost of processing your card.

Orders that have any items with personalization such as engraving or embroidery cannot be cancelled at anytime. Once a personalized order has been placed we send it through for processing immediately and are unable to cancel these orders. We are not responsible for customer submitted misspellings. The order will be processed exactly how it is entered unless you are able to get us the corrections before we process the order.

Lastly, the processing time for a personalized item may extend well beyond our normal 10 business day window. It is the customer’s responsibility to order in advance and take the processing time into consideration. We will not approve a refund for a personalized item that arrives to you beyond the date engraved if the order & item have been processed in our stated time frame.

If you have questions about ordering personalized items or need to cancel an order that is not in ship status or is not personalized please email us at